Mitsubishi Electric stands as a global leader in the production and distribution of electrical and electronic products and systems on a worldwide scale.

In an effort to rejuvenate its European corporate facilities located at Harman House in Uxbridge, the company aimed to create a forward-thinking office design for their space.

The goal was to establish an inviting and collaborative environment, enticing employees to return to the office following an extended period of remote work. Their vision included a captivating “wow” factor, along with meeting various practical needs, all while prioritising sustainability.

“A vital feature of the office design was creating a range of spaces to accommodate individual focus work and spaces for informal meetings, collaboration and ideation and getting the balance between privacy and collaboration right was paramount.”  Katie Hardy of Interior Options


The integration of FourAll® Lounge chairs, with both high and low backs, along with the innovative FourLikes® Meet booths and our versatile FourPeople® Huts, played a vital role in bringing this vision to life.

Our FourAll® Lounge chairs, with high and low backs, shape the office with their sleek, curved design blending simplicity and sophistication. High backs offer privacy for focused tasks, while low backs encourage dynamic collaboration. Complementing these, the FourLikes® Meet booths provide visual and acoustic privacy for various work styles, fostering concentration, collaboration, and confidentiality. And finally, the FourPeople® Huts seamlessly combine contemporary design with versatile functionality, transforming areas into productive hubs and enhancing the workspace’s aesthetic appeal for a visually inspiring and inviting atmosphere.


The Mitsubishi project was an overall success, with the client expressing utmost satisfaction, and both visitors and staff alike consistently providing nothing but positive feedback about the new office design.

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