Stools & Benches

Space-saving as well as functional. We have a lot of stylish, functional and aesthetic stools and benches designed to work with our tables. We promise they will save space, and more importantly provide value for money.

Practical and stylish stools and benches for optimal functionality Stools and benches allow you to create functional workspaces with a high degree of flexibility and optimal space utilisation and space-saving. Our stools and benches are useful in everything from meeting spaces, breakout spaces, lounges, canteens and educational establishments, the list goes on, and the only limitation is your imagination. Likewise, we offer a range of upholstered and non-upholstered stools and benches, together with both low and high stools to meet your individual needs. The low stools are perfect for lounge areas and coffee tables while the high stools are ideal for higher tables and active sitting great for small meeting areas or eating.