Nigel Sikora

So simple and yet so clever, that is what characterises design by Nigel Sikora. Sikora’s design has a way of embodying imagination and creativity, which is fundamental for good contemporary design. Moreover, his intuitive approach is inspired by diversity and a desire to resolve the challenges of open-plan working. Thus, his designs have character; they are vivid yet still subtle and classic, making them timeless and versatile.

About Nigel Sikora

With over 20 years of experience in Workplace Design & Buildings, designer Nigel Sikora has a knowledgeable and praiseworthy background which comes across in his products with a focus on function, in combination with a strong sense of form. He believes in designing for diversity; hence everyone is different, and everyone works effectively in different environments.

Products designed by Nigel Sikora

A woman sits in a chair in front of a gray wall of acoustic panels for offices


Do you ever wish for extra space in your office?…