Unique products for the benefit of both the industry and consumers: That is what the modern and award-winning design studio Strand+Hvass stands for. Their intuitive approach embodies designs that are distinctively shaped by an innovative approach and timeless design. Moreover, their designs have character, but it is subtle. It is versatile. It is a belief in quality and longevity.


When designing, it’s essential to us that our products do not harm the environment. Minimalist design, in this context, facilitates material efficiency due to a straightforward and easy disassembly process.” – Niels Hvass.

Furniture designers Christina Strand and architect Niels Hvass founded their design studio in Copenhagen back in 1998 to exploit their full potential for creating innovative and useful solutions for universal design challenges. They are both accomplished designers with an exciting portfolio that illustrates a multitude of commercial successes and experimental projects.

Products designed by Strand+Hvass

Four blue-grey light weight office chairs against a concrete wall.

FourCast® 2 Family

Oh, the charm of beauty and function all in one….

FourSure® Family

Stunningly elegant don’t you think? With its unique, organic form,…

Five chairs in a row in a white room with different seats and different leg configurations

FourMe® Family

Pull up a chair and get comfortable When it comes…

A white desk with an orange chair in front of a window.

Four® Learning

In the grand scheme of things, a table is just…

A table with chairs in front of a large window.

Four® Eating

Let’s lay all the cards on the table. The Four®…

A conference room with a table and chairs.

Four® Mat

Imagine standing up during a long conference meeting. Seems unlikely…

A meeting room with a table and chairs.

Four® Meeting

Constructive meetings. We all want them. The Four® Meeting table…

Four counter chairs and a table in an office.

Four® Standing

So you have a big event, but no appropriate standing…

Two chairs and a table in a white room.

Four® Resting

Let’s bring hygge to the table! The Four® Resting table…