FourSure® Family

Stunningly elegant don’t you think? With its unique, organic form, remarkable comfort and endless configurations, the FourSure® family is the ideal choice of contemporary design in high-quality for any modern multifunctional space. Moreover, the family is designed to offer maximum comfort and ergonomic support.

The unique combination of functions makes these chairs the ideal choice for facilities that need to reconfigure quickly and efficiently. Therefore, the FourSure® family is perfect for meeting, eating, learning and socialising. Subsequently, the family has been extended to include a variety of base options, finishes and accessories. It is possible to upgrade the FourSure® family with upholstery, linking device, Inno® Note, armrest and grip hole to ensure even more efficiency and better ergonomic handling.

So why not go with a FourSure®? They are easy to stack, store, and maintain.