Introducing Pine & Moss: Completing the Four Design Colour Palette

Two office desk chairs sitting on a wooden floor in an empty room. Chairs are in colours Pine & Moss from our completed colour palette.

The Four Design Colour Palette is complete!

At the beginning of the year, we launched the two earthy shell colours, Terracotta and Clay. Now we complete the colour palette with Pine & Moss.

Crafted by the talented Sharon Fisher, the addition of Pine & Moss was inspired by the rich nuances found in wool upholstery fabric and the ever-inspiring beauty of nature. With careful consideration of how these colours interact with light, Sharon Fisher has ensured that they maintain their allure regardless of the time of day or lighting conditions.

These new shades seamlessly blend with our existing palette, offering endless possibilities for creative expression. Whether bathed in sunlight or cast in shadow, they exhibit a remarkable ability to adapt, constantly evolving and revealing new dimensions.

“Whether its daylight, twilight or artificial light, these colours stand firm. They may increase in beauty as the light changes during the day, but they are worthy all day long.”Sharon Fisher

The new intermediate colours blend beautifully and change according to the inflow of light or shade. Creating these new tones, Sharon Fisher had longevity and sustainability in mind. The colours may be muted, but will never a fad. Due to their changeable qualities they are everlasting. All it takes is being creative and reusing them in new constellations rather than replacing them.

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