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With the world around us changing so rapidly, it is no surprise that our needs are evolving at an unprecedented speed too. Workplaces are working hard to attract their employees back.

To do so the spaces we work in have got to not only deliver a variety of settings for Activity Based Working, but take acoustics seriously, consider our individual needs and start thinking about Inclusion and neurodiversity. If that wasn’t enough they must also inject an element of charisma and personality and adjust to suit future needs.

FourPeople modular seating system

FourPeople modular seating system

FourPeople is a complete system for the 21st Century Office.

Providing people with a great workplace experience means creating a variety of spaces with different forms and functions. Spaces that support differing work styles and empowers the user to make choices that optimise wellbeing, performance and the ability to collaborate.

With varying degrees of acoustic privacy and a range of work settings, FourPeople means everyone can find exactly the right place to work. These settings can be fully integrated with other parts of the Ocee product family to tailor solutions to the needs of each team and individual.

FourPeople also makes adapting the workspace easy for workplace managers and designers. The smart modularity of its components means elements can be reconfigured quickly to meet the needs of teams as they shape and reform to meet organisational objectives.

If people are free to work anywhere, how do we offer them the best place to work? We have the answer.

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A lobby with office furniture and plants, including office sofas and work booths.

FourPeople Modules with panels

The problem with open plan offices? Not enough areas for privacy.

The solution? FourPeople!

Our FourPeople modular system allows users to create different spaces with panels, offering varying degrees of privacy.

Office spaces can easily zone their workspace to allow for small private meetings, quiet individual work, or large collaborative sessions. This means that you can adapt your space, depending on the needs of the team. All with just a handful of FourPeople products – no expensive building work here.

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