EU Ecolabel
FourSure® 44

Ecolabelled, stackable chair that you can use anywhere


Sustainability meets practicality

Beyond its stylish design and stacking convenience, the FourSure® stackable chair proudly bears an eco-label, underscoring its commitment to environmental responsibility. Every element, from the frame to the upholstery, meets stringent ecological standards, ensuring that your seating choice aligns with sustainable practices.


FourSure® 44 complies with strict criteria set by Environment Directorate General of the European Commission. Only FourSure® 44 in Ebony Black shell with black or anthracite legs are granted with the EU Ecolabel.


The EU Ecolabel guarantee:


The EU Ecolabel certified range were awarded this based on their product design and life cycle assessment. Every stage of the product has been considered with the aim of minimising its negative environmental impact. The product is composed of a 50% recycled plastic shell, a recycled steel frame and is 100% recyclable. The products are only made up of 6 components and can be easily disassembled to aid recycling. The EU Ecolabel certifies the products for having no harmful materials or chemicals in, ensuring it isn’t harmful to human health or the environment.

EU Ecolabel Certification
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Ansi/Bifma FourSure 44, EN
EN 1021 FourSure, DA
EN 1021 FourSure, DE
EN 1021 FourSure, EN
EN 16139 L2 FourSure 44, DA
EN 16139 L2 FourSure 44, DE
EN 16139 L2 FourSure 44, EN
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Fact Sheet FourSure 44 Eco, DA
Fact Sheet FourSure 44 Eco, EN
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OBJ FourSure 44
DWG FourSure 44
3DS FourSure 44
Revit FourSure 44
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OBJ Seat Row
DWG Seat Row
3DS Seat Row
Revit Seat Row
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How to disassemble
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Maintenance Guide
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Chair Linking Device
EU Ecolabel furniture
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Product Details

Discover the FourSure® 44 stackable chair – a thoughtfully eco-labeled seating solution designed for effortless stacking, space-efficient storage, and hassle-free maintenance. This iconic chair not only prioritises comfort but also showcases exceptional durability, making it the perfect environmentally friendly choice for canteens, meeting rooms, lecture halls, and office visitor areas.

Linking device, seat row, trolley, sack trolley, grip hole, gliders
Polypropylene shell

Design by Strand+Hvass

Environmental data

EU Ecolabel FourSure® 44 Bio-PP Shell

Recycled Content




Carbon Footprint


Kg CO2e per unit

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