FourCast® 2 77

A slimline office chair, built for agile mobility


Understated elegance

Whether you’re furnishing a contemporary workspace or elevating your home office setup, the FourCast® 2 77 office chair with wheels is the ideal choice for your space. Its modern design seamlessly blends into various environments, from open-concept corporate offices to minimalist home offices. The chair’s understated elegance not only complements diverse interior styles but also enhances the overall aesthetic of any workspace, making it a versatile and stylish seating solution for professionals and remote workers alike.

Effortless mobility

The inclusion of wheels on the FourCast® 2 77 slimline office chair ensures effortless mobility, allowing you to glide seamlessly from your desk to collaborative spaces without missing a beat. This feature makes the slimline chair an excellent choice for agile workplaces, fostering collaboration and adaptability in ever-changing office layouts. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with the FourCast® 2 77, a slimline office chair that effortlessly moves with you.


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EN 16139 FourCast2 77 armrest, EN
EN 16139 FourCast2 77, DA
EN 16139 FourCast2 77, DE
EN 16139 FourCast2 77, EN
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Product Details


Introducing the FourCast® 2 77, a sleek and versatile addition to our office chair collection. This slimline office chair is designed for optimal functionality with a four-legged base equipped with smooth-rolling castors. The V-shaped backrest ensures maximum comfort, catering to extended work periods and facilitating effortless navigation throughout your office environment.


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Polypropylene shell, Seat pad, Fully upholstered, Wooden shell, Seat pad, wooden shell

Design by Strand+Hvass

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