FourCast® 2
Fire Retardant

Fire retardant stackable chairs


Effortless stacking & safety

The FourCast® 2 Fire Retardant commercial seating isn’t just about safety and aesthetics; its stackable design adds a layer of practicality to its versatility. The ability to easily stack these chairs makes storage and rearrangement a breeze, facilitating efficient use of space in dynamic professional settings. Whether you need a temporary setup for an event or a permanent solution for daily use, the stackable feature of these chairs ensures adaptability to the ever-changing demands of commercial spaces.

Available chairs

The following chairs are available with a fire retardant shell in white: FourCast® 2 Four, FourCast® 2 Line, FourCast® 2 Counter & High, FourCast® 2 Counter & High Four, FourCast® 2 77, FourCast® 2 Audi, FourCast® 2 One, FourCast® 2 Evo. Please visit for more information.


DIN 66084
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Maintenance Guide
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Product Details

Linking device, trolley, sack trolley, grib hole, gliders
Polypropylene shell

Design by Strand+Hvass

Product Variants

pCon Generator

Create, configure and download as DWG-files in a blink of an eye

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