FourMe® 66

A swivel meeting chair perfect for team meetings and brainstorming sessions


Aesthetic & flexible

The FourMe® 66 meeting room chair has wheels allowing users to move around the space freely. This type of meeting room chair is perfect for dynamic meetings and discussions. Not only is it a comfortable addition to your office space, but it also has an aesthetic design that can be used in almsot any office situation.


GS FourMe 66 InnoTab, DE
GS FourMe 66 InnoTab, EN
EN 16139 FourMe 66 Rockerbox, DA
EN 16139 FourMe 66 Rockerbox, DE
EN 16139 FourMe 66 Rockerbox, EN
EN 16139 FourMe 66 Fixed Cone, DA
EN 16139 FourMe 66 Fixed Cone, DE
EN 16139 FourMe 66 Fixed Cone, EN
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Fact Sheet FourMe 66, DA
Fact Sheet FourMe 66, EN
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Product Details

Elevate comfort and flexibility with the FourMe® 66, a wheeled meeting room chair ideal for meetings and educational settings. Its design embodies functionality, aesthetics, and comfort, making it an ideal addition to any office or collaborative set up. Pair it with an Inno®tab table for added versatility.


Loose seat pad, free float, Inno® Tab, gas lift including footring, aluminium base
Polypropylene shell, Seat pad, Inside upholstery, Fully upholstered

Design by Strand+Hvass

Environmental data

FourMe® 66 Bio-PP Shell with Tilt

Recycled Content




Carbon Footprint


Kg CO2e per unit

Product Variants

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