Designed as a complete system for the 21st century office


Collaborative spaces

Whether enhancing the ambiance of a modern co-working space, providing comfortable and stylish seating in a reception area, or fostering a relaxed yet professional atmosphere in a breakout zone, this modular office sofa seamlessly adapts to diverse settings. Its versatility extends beyond the office realm, making it the ideal choice for creating inviting and collaborative spaces in commercial hubs, educational institutions, and contemporary living areas.

Timeless and versatile

The thoughtfully designed modules can be effortlessly rearranged to suit different spatial requirements, making it an ideal solution for dynamic and evolving workspaces. Elevate the lounge experience by configuring this modular sofa into various layouts – from intimate conversation nooks to expansive seating arrangements.


FourPeople Modules are EU ecolabel certified.

Please note that panels, armrests, as well as concave and convex modules are not EU ecolabel certified. Additionally, only specific fabrics are ecolabelled. For more information, please contact us.

EN 16139 - FourPeople - Standalone / Modules - EN
EN 16139 - FourPeople - Standalone / Modules - DE
EN 16139 - FourPeople - Standalone / Modules - DK
FourPeople EU Ecolabel Certificate - DK049045 (EU only)
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Product Details

Introducing the FourPeople Modules – the epitome of versatile, modular soft seating designed for office spaces. Crafted for collaborative environments, this sustainable modular office sofa enables effortless customisation, allowing you to create dynamic office seating arrangements that foster creativity and teamwork. Designed for disassembly, it’s also environmentally friendly, supporting your commitment to sustainability. The contemporary design makes a bold statement, seamlessly integrating with the aesthetic of any professional setting. Transform your office into a space that inspires innovation and productivity with this modular sofa – the ultimate choice for sophisticated, sustainable, and modular office seating solutions.

This product is EU ecolabel certified. Please click “EU Ecolabel” for more information.




Power & data, armrest, tray, electrical units
700, 1400, 2100
1 Seater low back, 1 Seater high back, 2 Seater low back, 2 Seater high back, 3 Seater low back, 3 Seater high back, Convex low back, Convex high back, Concave low back, Concave high back, Corner low back, Corner high back, Pouf

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