FourUs® Booth

Office booth seating made for comfort and productivity


Versatile and stylish

The FourUs® Booth seamlessly integrates into various office environments, providing a flexible solution for dynamic workplaces. Whether placed in open-plan offices, collaborative workspaces, or even common areas, this private office booth enhances the overall functionality of any space. The sleek design and customisable features make it an ideal choice for fostering creativity during brainstorming sessions, conducting confidential meetings, or offering employees a comfortable retreat for individual tasks.

A cosy experience

This office booth seating boasts a thoughtfully designed interior that prioritises user comfort. The ergonomically optimised seating ensures a supportive and cosy experience, making extended periods of work or collaboration enjoyable. With the option for integrated charging ports and adjustable lighting options, this booth caters to the modern professional’s technological needs, promoting productivity and convenience.


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Product Details

Introducing the FourUs® Booth – your solution for enhanced comfort and versatility in the workplace. Elevate your office with this modern and visionary office booth seating, designed to create a multipurpose space for meetings, relaxation, or focused work. The office booth offers both visual and acoustic privacy, transforming any area into a private sanctuary within a public or crowded setting.

Inno® Tab, shelf, pivot table, TV bracket, skid frame, magazine holder, pre-drilled hole for cables, electrical units
FourUs Booth 2, FourUs Booth, FourUs Booth Cave

Design by Nørgaard Design

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