FourUs® Worx

A modern office desk for a clutter-free, productive environment


Made for focus

This innovative modern office desk is not confined to traditional office settings alone; its versatile design makes it equally suitable for home offices, coworking spaces, or any environment where focused work is essential. Whether you’re crafting a presentation, tackling a spreadsheet, or delving into creative projects, this office desk workstation provides a dedicated space that enhances concentration and productivity.

A dynamic workstation

Elevate your private desk setup by opting for integrated electrical units, effortlessly turning it into a tech-savvy hub. This transformation enables you to power your devices seamlessly, fostering a clutter-free workspace. The FourUs® Worx is more than just a desk; it evolves into a dynamic office desk workstation designed to cater to your unique requirements.


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Product Details

Meet the FourUs® Worx, a stylish and flexible private desk designed for individual work. This sleek and mobile office desk workstation seamlessly combines practicality with style, ensuring a sophisticated addition to any workspace. With its versatile design and a range of fabric options, this modern office desk effortlessly adapts to your preferences, offering a private and professional ambiance. Elevate your office aesthetic with this contemporary desk workstation, designed for both flexibility and elegance.

Electrical units
98 x 65

Design by Nørgaard Design

Product Variants

pCon Generator

Create, configure and download as DWG-files in a blink of an eye

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