A tablet arm for conference chairs


A flexible & productive workstation

The innovative InnoNote® tablet arm effortlessly converts any conference chair into a dynamic workspace, providing professionals and students with an unprecedented level of convenience by incorporating a personal desk directly into their seating. Whether you find yourself in a classroom, boardroom, or collaborative workspace, the InnoNote® tablet arm showcases its versatility by seamlessly integrating into diverse settings, transforming ordinary chairs into powerful tools for heightened productivity.

Goodbye static workspaces

Not confined to traditional classrooms or meeting rooms, the InnoNote® tablet arm seamlessly merges into co-working spaces, elevating collaborative efforts and cultivating a more engaging environment for team discussions and brainstorming sessions. Utilising chairs with desks attached liberates you from static workspaces, allowing you to embrace the flexibility and functionality that InnoNote® brings to the table.


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Product Details

Introducing InnoNote®, the ideal fusion of comfort and productivity. Upgrade your chairs with this innovative tablet arm, built to effortlessly accommodate a 13″ laptop or notepad and features a built-in cupholder for your water bottle and keeping you focused on your notes during lectures or conferences. By utilising this chair with a desk attached, you can create versatile workstations and enhance meetings and lectures.

Design by Strand+Hvass

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