Table Trolley

Move tables freely and easily


Easily transport your tables

Transporting tables with the trolley streamlines the process, providing a convenient and efficient solution for moving tables between locations. The trolley’s robust construction and smooth-rolling casters ensure stability and easy manoeuvrability, even with heavy loads. Whether in a venue, office, or event setting, the trolley securely accommodates tables, minimising the effort and potential for damage during transportation.


Product Details

This sturdy and versatile Table Trolley is an essential companion for any workplace or event where efficient transportation of tables is required.  The trolley features a spacious, flat platform with high edges at the end to securely hold items during transport.
  • Holds 10 folding tables OR
  • Holds 7 round tables
  • Strap is included
  • A folded table is 15cm in width

Can carry:

  • FourLearning
  • FourEating
  • FourReal® 74
  • FourReal® 90
  • FourReal® 105
  • FourReal® 741 Flake


L:172cm x W:55cm x H:98cm

Product Variants

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