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Inclusion & Neurodiversity Brochure

When we talk about inclusive design, we are looking at ways to make offices, education spaces and community spaces easily accessible and usable for everyone. Enabling people to interact with these environments is part of our mission.

Sustainability Pledge

Read through our Sustainability Pledge to see how we prioritise the environment when manufacturing our products. We’re committed to incorporating eco-friendly practices in everything we do at Ocee & Four Design.

Delve deeper into our Sustainability Journey.

Inspired Spaces Brochure

Transforming good spaces into great experiences involves the combination of thoughtful and inspiring design paired with practical furniture pieces. We believe in the power of well-crafted spaces to evoke positive emotions and enhance everyday experiences. Whether it’s a relaxed break room, a productive workspace, or a communal area, our commitment lies in crafting spaces that inspire and elevate the overall quality of living.

Inclusive Design Guide

When discussing inclusive design, our focus is on enhancing the accessibility and usability of offices, educational spaces, and community areas for all. This guide showcases a range of products dedicated to supporting inclusive design. Each product takes into account the diverse ways people work and the challenges they may encounter.

Nothing Beats Family Brochure

We believe that collaborative spaces, social spaces, quiet spaces, and private spaces can be combined all in one room to help you complete your to-do list throughout the day.

View and download our Nothing Beats Family brochure:

Case Study Brochure

View some of our most inspiring case studies where we’ve turned good spaces into great experiences. Throughout these case studies, witness the seamless integration of aesthetic elements with functional considerations, highlighting our commitment to creating environments that not only captivate the eye but also cater to the diverse needs and lifestyles of our clients. Gain insights into the creative process as we navigate through challenges, embrace innovative solutions, and ultimately deliver spaces that go beyond expectations. 

Break Out Brochure

The modern workplace is evolving quickly. Flexible breakout spaces, transitioning smoothly between different workstyles, are now essential. Today’s workplaces should provide areas for both work and leisure, promoting engagement and collaboration. These adaptable spaces cater to diverse workday needs.

View and download our Break Out brochure:

Fluid Spaces Brochure

Throughout history, our lives have revolved around food, an integral part of human culture beyond mere sustenance. Good food brings people together, just like a well-designed canteen. Modern canteens must cater to various needs throughout the day, necessitating versatile multipurpose furniture solutions.

View and download our Clever Spaces brochure:

Clever Spaces Brochure

The centrepiece of any learning space must begin with multipurpose furniture solutions. We want flexible solutions which stand the test of time and help transition classroom practices in ways that fully engage students in learning. 

View and download our Clever Spaces brochure:

Our Lookbook

We believe we need to oppose consumerism through timeless design, quality, and longevity. We need innovative, reactive and environmentally responsible furniture solutions that sustain in an ever changing environment. Check out our lookbook for insipiration.


Product Brochures

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