Soft seating

Soft seating has become just as pivotal as tables and chairs in the modern office. Thus, it is essential to have attractive lounge areas and different environments to meet the needs of your employees, so they have a soft place to land after a hectic meeting or a place for contemplation or collaboration.

Warm, cosy and inviting soft seating with modular creativity: What is not to like? Four Designs wide range of soft seating furniture includes everything from armchairs and sofas to booths, modules, benches and stools. All our soft seating options work perfectly for a brief moment of relaxation or a well-deserved break, but they are just as good for informal meetings or a private space to concentrate. Moreover, our furniture has many different design languages, ensuring we have the perfect option for your needs; therefore, you will find everything from soft organic styles to more clean contemporary lines. Likewise, our soft seating selection comes in a wide range of upholstery, giving you the option to create a creative space that reflects your brand and work culture.