FourLikes® Meet

An aesthetic meeting booth – a perfect addition to modern offices


The ultimate meeting booth solution

Designed to meet the diverse needs of every team member. In a workplace where meeting rooms are scarce, this innovative design serves as a private haven for group work, individual tasks, and confidential conversations. Picture this: A team member engrossed in focused, head-down work, seamlessly transitioning to hosting impromptu online or in-person group meetings, and later enjoying a private conversation – all within the confines of the FourLikes® Meet. This versatile meeting booth offers a dynamic solution for various work styles and collaborative scenarios.


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Evoline One

How to install linking device
How to install lighting and power unit, FourLikes Meet 1400
How to install FourLikes Meet 1400
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How to install FourLikes Meet 700
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Product Details

Experience the FourLikes® Meet – a dedicated meeting booth solution crafted for today’s bustling workplaces. Offering essential visual and acoustic privacy, this innovative design becomes your go-to space for focused work, meetings, and quiet lunches. The active seat height ensures seamless transitions between tasks, creating a versatile and efficient meeting booth experience in the modern office environment.

Linking device, electrical units
700, 1400

Design by Nørgaard Design

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