A comfortable and adaptable modular sofa, perfect for casual meetings or a quick break


A statement of comfort & flexibility

In a modern workspace, FourLikes® becomes a dynamic hub for collaboration, providing a comfortable setting for team discussions or individual focus sessions. In a vibrant break-out area, these modular sofas transform the space into a versatile zone for impromptu meetings, creative brainstorming, or simply unwinding during a break. The adaptability of FourLikes® extends to reception areas, where it brings both comfort and sophistication. Tailor the system to your style and work culture, ensuring a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. It’s not just about seating; it’s about transforming underused spaces into functional and meaningful areas that reflect the unique character of your environment.


EN 16139 FourLikes Open end 1400, DA
EN 16139 FourLikes Open end 1400, DE
EN 16139 FourLikes Open end 1400, EN
EN 16139 FourLikes 2100 High Back, DA
EN 16139 FourLikes 2100 High Back, DE
EN 16139 FourLikes 2100 High Back, EN
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Fact Sheet FourLikes, DA
Fact Sheet FourLikes, EN
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Product Details

Crafted for comfort, FourLikes® modular sofas offer an inviting haven for a relaxing break or casual meeting. Whether in a modern workspace, break-out area, or reception, this versatile system suits today’s needs. Tailor it to your style and work culture, transforming underused spaces into functional, meaningful areas. Enhance your environment with the comfort and flexibility of the FourLikes® modular sofa, designed to meet your specific needs.


Linking device, electrical units
700, 1400, 2100
Low back, High back, Slope High Back, Right, Slope High Back, Left, Open End Left, Low Back Right, Open End Right, Low Back Left, Open End Left, High Back Right, Open End Right, High Back Left, Low Back Left, Low Back Right, High Back Left, High Back Right

Design by Nørgaard Design

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