FourUs® Work Booth

Office work booth made to enhance your workflow


A private workspace

Transform any corner of your office into a haven of productivity with the FourUs® Work Booth. Whether nestled between workstations for impromptu meetings or placed strategically for solo work sessions, this office work booth adapts to your dynamic work environment. With acoustic features, the FourUs® Work Booth ensures that important calls and focused work remain undisturbed, making it an ideal solution for any location where concentration and privacy are paramount.

A solution for focused work

Customise your office work booth with our optional add-ons to create a tailored workspace that meets your unique needs – from shelves, to skid frames, to pre-drilled holes for cables and electrical units. With these optional features, the FourUs® Work Booth becomes not just a solution for focused work but a personalised haven that enhances your workflow and work-life balance.


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FourUs Work Booth
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Product Details

Introducing the FourUs® Work Booth, your solution to a productive and focused work environment. This multifunctional office booth seamlessly blends privacy and flexibility in the bustling workspace. With upholstered sides for visual barriers and exceptional acoustic features, the FourUs® Work Booth creates a serene private office space within a dynamic workplace. Elevate your concentration and meetings with this professional and versatile office work booth.

Shelf, pivot table, TV bracket, skid frame, magazine holder, pre-drilled hole for cables, electrical units
FourUs Work Booth Ear

Design by Nørgaard Design

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