A modern office building with curved glass windows at the University of Sheffield

University of Sheffield, Faculty of Social Sciences

University of Sheffield, Faculty of Social Sciences

University of Sheffield’s new Social Sciences building is designed to meet the future growth and needs of the Faculty. This world class, low energy, sustainable building encourages collaboration across learning spaces while supporting student’s mental health and wellbeing.

In a competitive global educational marketplace Universities need to provide world-class facilities to attract the best students. The social sciences hub reflects a growing trend for centralising teaching spaces to enhance space utilisation and looking at collaborative working practices.

An empty lecture hall with chairs and a projector full of Ocee and Four Design office furniture at the University of Sheffield

Traditional Learning Spaces

The more formal learning spaces still embrace the core design principle of this project – that all learning should be active. Shallow-raked large volume active learning spaces, that support both traditional and active learning, have been kitted out with Ocee & Four Design’s signature FourCast seat, which has been designed to offer maximum comfort and ergonomic support – fundamental for student wellbeing and engagement.

Alongside these spaces sit technology rich group working areas and individual study areas. These have been complimented with a blend of work booths, both individual pods for quiet moments of study and group booths for collaborative projects, and again our FourCast on castors to allow students the flexibility to move around their space and interact with their peers while working.

A white building with a circular staircase and Ocee and Four Design tables in the University of Sheffield

Informal Collaborative and Breakout Spaces

The building has been designed with social spaces integrated throughout. This allows, and encourages, students to collaborate, gather and socialise, and use the facility throughout the day – making it a truly multi-purpose building.

In the canteen spaces you can find a mix of Ocee & Four’s Roebuck, from the Ernest Race Heritage collection, and FourMe seats blending comfort and style effortlessly to create a relaxing, modern environment to enjoy a break. The use of FourSure stools, Skyline sofas, Henray booths in breakout spaces provide a range of seated opportunities for working, learning, and socialising.

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