Studio Ocee

Functionality, combined with beautiful design, and a healthy dose of wonder, is what makes us smile from ear to ear. Therefore, this permeates all of our designs. All designs by Studio Ocee must be innovative, decorative and functional with a subtle element of surprise. That is our design philosophy called FDA. Function, Design and Aha.

About Studio Ocee

“We talk about FDA perpetually because we are very adamant about it. It is the backbone of our approach to the way we do things and serves as a succinct summary of our vision, product strategy, and goals. It’s our design philosophy. That something special. The added value.”


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Products designed by Studio Ocee

Community table

FourReal® Family

A table that draws you in? It sounds a little…

Two pink and blue cube stools in front of a plant.


Dot, Dash, Morse, Code, and Cube. These are our upholstered…

A room with a wooden floor and two ottomans.


Have you ever needed a comfortable alternative place to sit?…