Function, Design and Aha moments; it’s the fundamental principle that drives all our product and service developments. We believe that the combination of unrivalled functionality, ingenious design and a healthy dose of wonder, shapes good environments into great experiences.

Detail of acoustic block


Can you hear me now? We all know this frustrating sentence very well. Throughout any space, be it single or multi-use, no matter what size or purpose, there are acoustic…

office work booth with two compartments

Den Family

Who wouldn’t love to have a Den in the office? A small creative and private space? A safe retreat? DEN is that space. The Den family is your noise barrier,…

Three lounge chairs for offices in a room with a yellow painting.

FourAll® Family

Families evolve and grow right, but they stay true to their values and what makes them special. So, with that in mind, say hello to the newest member of ours….

Four blue-grey light weight office chairs against a concrete wall.

FourCast® 2 Family

Oh, the charm of beauty and function all in one. The FourCast® 2 is an extensive chair collection with a focus on function, ergonomic support, and elegant design. The simplicity…

A office sofa and stools in a room with a picture on the wall.

FourLikes® Family

Are you looking for a soft place to sit? Then you will like FourLikes®. A truly multifunctional modular soft seating system. It sounds intriguing, right? The FourLikes® family is fit…

Five chairs in a row in a white room with different seats and different leg configurations

FourMe® Family

Pull up a chair and get comfortable When it comes to the FourMe® family, it doesn’t matter which one you choose, they all have a strong back, soft front and…

A 3d rendering of an office with blue office sofas and a table and office screen dividers

FourPeople Family

FourPeople has been designed as a complete system for the 21st Century Office. Providing people with a great workplace experience means creating a variety of spaces with different forms and…

Community table

FourReal® Family

A table that draws you in? It sounds a little crazy right? Nevertheless, that is what the FourReal® family does. The family offers a range of clever space-saving table solutions…

FourSure® Family

Stunningly elegant don’t you think? With its unique, organic form, remarkable comfort and endless configurations, the FourSure® family is the ideal choice of contemporary design in high-quality for any modern…

office work booths

FourUs® Family

FourUs® is everything from a classic sofa to an innovative modular Zoning system. It creates a place for you with the best conditions for interacting. With FourUs® you get a room with…

Two office sofas with a office coffee table.

Harc Family

The Harc family is the ideal choice for these spaces as it cuts out the surrounding noise and commotion from the office. Likewise, Harc offers a warm, cosy and inviting…

A group of Share office desk chairs and office stools and office benches on a yellow floor.

Share Family

Families are characterised by a unique blend of individual personalities and shared values. The Share Family is no different!

A collection of office stools in a white room.

Stools & Benches

A stool is not just a stool, and a bench is not just a bench. Even though stools and benches are often used for quick, spontaneous meetings and extra seating,…