GERMANY, this is great news!

FourReal®74 in: 80×80, 128×64, 140×70, 120×70, 120×80, 140×80, 180×80 now holds the renowned label.

You find GS Certificate under each FourReal table

GS meaning

GS is the meaning of German “Geprufte Sicherheit” (security has been certified), but also “Germany Safety” (German security) means. GS certified product safety law in Germany (SGS) as the basis, in accordance with the EU standard EN or DIN DIN test of a voluntary certification is recognized by the European market, Germany safety certification mark.

GS sign that the safe use of the product has passed the credibility of an independent testing agency. GS mark, although not mandatory for the law, but it is indeed a fault in the product caused by accident so that manufacturers subject to strict German (Europe) product safety laws. Therefore, GS is a strong sign of market instruments, to enhance customer confidence and the desire to buy. While the GS is a German standard, but all agree that the overwhelming majority of countries in Europe. GS-certified and meet at the same time, the product will meet the EC requirements of the CE mark. And CE is not the same, GS signs are not legally mandatory, but because of safety awareness among consumers has depth, a sign of GS electrical appliances in the market may be greater than the average product competitiveness.