FourCast® 2 Family

EU Ecolabel FourCast® 2 Four

Do you want everlasting never-ending love? Then why not choose a classic? With its striking, streamlined form, remarkable comfort, and endless configurations, the FourCast® 2 has become a genuine design classic. The four-legged stacking chair has a pliant back, and the signature v-shape ensures maximum comfort even after prolonged sitting. We guarantee you will stay in love for many years.

Do you want everlasting never-ending love? Then why not choose a classic?



Polypropylene shell


Linking device, seat row, trolley, sack trolley, grib hole, gliders

EU Ecolabel

FourCast® 2 Four Eco complies with strict criteria set by Environment Directorate General of the European Commission. Only FourCast® 2 Four in Ebony Black shell with black or anthracite legs are granted with the EU Ecolabel.


The EU Ecolabel guarantee:


The EU Ecolabel certified range were awarded this based on their product design and life cycle assessment. Every stage of the product has been considered with the aim of minimising its negative environmental impact. The product is composed of a 50% recycled plastic shell, a recycled steel frame and is 100% recyclable. The products are only made up of 6 components and can be easily disassembled to aid recycling. The EU Ecolabel certifies the products for having no harmful materials or chemicals in, ensuring it isn’t harmful to human health or the environment.


Maintenance Guide


A black chair sits in a concrete wall.

Design by Strand+Hvass

Oh, the charm of beauty and function all in one

The FourCast®2 is an extensive chair collection with a focus on function, ergonomic support, and elegant design. The simplicity of the V-shaped backrest makes the FourCast®2 ideal for variation and customisation.

Moreover, it is possible to upgrade FourCast® 2 with upholstery, linking device, Inno®Note, armrest and grip hole to ensure even more efficiency and better ergonomic handling in education, canteen- or conference facilities, where the chair is an obvious choice.rnrnIn need of a quick and easy refurnish? The four-legged chairs can easily and quickly be stacked on trollies, rearranged or stored away. With so many combinations possible, there is a FourCast®2 for every occasion, whether at work or home. We got it all covered.

A black chair with moss under it
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Furniture designers Christina Strand and architect Niels Hvass founded their design studio in Copenhagen back in 1998 to exploit their full potential for creating innovative and useful solutions for universal design challenges.