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Acoustic bliss

Designed for open-plan offices, Tessellate excels in noise reduction, creating a focused and productive environment. In conference rooms, it enhances speech intelligibility for clear communication. Tessellate also provides privacy within office layouts, limiting sound transmission.

Not just for the office

Beyond functionality, its variety of shapes, sizes, and fabrics seamlessly integrate into diverse settings, from contemporary offices to chic retail spaces. In restaurants and hotels, Tessellate contributes to a more enjoyable atmosphere by reducing background noise.


Tessellate wall panel - 1800x600x65mm.pdf
Tessellate ceiling panel - 2400x1200x65mm.pdf
Tessellate ceiling panel - 1200x1200x65mm.pdf
Tessellate ceiling panel - 2400x1200x65mm (500mm drop).pdf
Tessellate ceiling panel - 2400x1200x65mm (200mm drop).pdf
Tessellate ceiling panel - 1200x1200x65mm (500mm drop).pdf
Tessellate ceiling panel - 1200x1200x65mm (200mm drop).pdf
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Product Details

Crafted to deliver top-notch performance at an unbeatable value, Tessellate is a Class A acoustic wall panel. With four shapes and multiple depths and sizes, it offers versatility and easy integration into your existing aesthetic. This acoustic wall panel is available in a range of contract fabrics with numerous colour options. Tessellate allows you to either showcase it as a standout acoustic feature or seamlessly blend it into its surroundings. Available also as a panel that can be hung from the ceiling.

  • Class A absorption
  • Highly efficient at absorbing sound across a wide range of frequencies
  • The panels achieve 100% absorption
  • Recycled core material
  • 65mm and 100mm depth available
  • Available in 10 ranges and 411 colours
  • 7 different shapes
  • Bespoke installation fixing system
  • Can be installed flush against the wall
  • Can be hung from the ceiling

Available in various sizes – view full specification.

Diamond, Trapezium, Rectangle/Square 65 mm depth, Rectangle/Square 100 mm depth

Design by Roger Webb Associates

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