Titan Tech Town

A ‘Feel like home’ SoCo Space

Titan Tech Tower

At Tech Town, in Odense Denmark, it was of the essence to create a “Feel-like home” atmosphere along with convenience and community. Therefore, the interior is designed with furniture which softens the atmosphere and creates a calm and safe feel.

Moreover, the furniture invite the user to interact and use them creatively.The main focus was on utilising the square meters and the overall work environment. Moreover, they invite the user to interact and use them creatively. Thus, the idea was to create a multifunctional canteen area where businesses can network, hold meetings, or work individually.Moreover, they invite the user to interact and use them creatively. The conference room has been furnished with adjustable tables and chairs, which easily reconfigures in small or more significant groups. At the same time, they can also quickly be cleared away, so the area can be converted from a classroom setting into a meeting room or a conference setting.

The furniture chosen for Tech Town is characterised by a minimalist expression, with a muted comfortable colour palette that can adapt to all rooms. Moreover, functionality has been vital when designing the interior. It is essential to Tech Town that the furniture must be able to be part of the interior design for a long time, both when it comes to quality and durability, but also concerning style and colour.

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