FourReal® 90

A foldable & easily moveable high table


An adaptable and smart high table

Imagine the FourReal® 90 seamlessly integrating into the lively atmosphere of a bustling canteen, offering a stylish and functional space for elevated seating. Transition into a breakout room, and this foldable high table becomes the focal point, adapting effortlessly to the evolving needs of dynamic discussions and collaborative sessions.

More than just furniture!

In a workplace setting, the FourReal® 90 proves to be more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a solution for quick reconfigurations. Its adaptable design ensures that it fits into diverse environments, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. The sleek lines and smart engineering make it an ideal choice for those seeking a sophisticated yet practical addition to their workspace.


Heat Test FourReal 90, DA
Heat Test FourReal 90, DE
Heat Test FourReal 90, EN
EN 15372 FourReal 90, DA
EN 15372 FourReal 90, DE
EN 15372 FourReal 90, EN
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Fact Sheet FourReal 90, DA
Fact Sheet FourReal 90, EN
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DWG FourReal 90 RoomInRoom
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Product Details

Explore the innovation of FourReal® 90 – a foldable and aesthetically pleasing high table. Boasting clean lines and advanced engineering, it’s perfect for work areas where elevated seating is preferred. Effortlessly foldable, it’s a stylish solution for dynamic spaces.


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RoomInRoom, trolley, chair suspension, electrical units, cable duct, linking device, wooden legs black lacquered oak
140 x 80, 180 x 80, 200 x 80

Design by Studio Ocee

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