FourSure® 88

Welcome a touch of elegance and practicality into your space with these stackable chairs


What sets FourSure® 88 apart?

Its innovative glideable base, which provides ease of movement and adaptability to various environments. Effortlessly stackable, it allows for efficient storage, ensuring you have extra seating on hand whenever you need it.

Made to suit your needs

Whether it’s a bustling office space, a contemporary dining area, or a dynamic event venue, the FourSure® 88 is the epitome of versatility and style. Elevate your seating experience with this exceptional stackable chair that redefines the boundaries of comfort and aesthetics.


Heat Test FourSure 88, DA
Heat Test FourSure 88, DE
Heat Test FourSure 88, EN
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EN 1021 FourSure, DA
EN 1021 FourSure, DE
EN 1021 FourSure, EN
EN 16139 FourSure 88 armrest, DA
EN 16139 FourSure 88 armrest, DE
EN 16139 FourSure 88 armrest, EN
EN 16139 FourSure 88, DA
EN 16139 FourSure 88, DE
EN 16139 FourSure 88, EN
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Fact Sheet FourSure 88 Eco, DA
Fact Sheet FourSure 88 Eco, EN
Fact Sheet FourSure 88, DA
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Fact Sheet FourSure 88, EN
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foursure 88
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Functions: InnoNote, trolley
Line Linking device
Chair Linking Device
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Product Details

Introducing the FourSure® 88: a stackable chair designed with precision and a keen eye for detail. This chair is not only robust but also incredibly versatile. Easily stackable, it can be conveniently stored and retrieved whenever additional seating is required. With a wide array of captivating color combinations available, the FourSure® 88 has the power to inject life and personality into any space. Its slender skid frame, organic contours, and smooth surface make it a standout piece in any environment. Elevate your seating experience with the FourSure® 88 stackable chair – where form meets function in perfect harmony.

25 year warranty icon
Linking device, trolley, sack trolley, Inno® Note, grib hole, gliders
Polypropylene shell, Seat pad, Inside upholstery, Fully upholstered

Design by Strand+Hvass

Environmental data

FourSure® 88 PP Shell

Recycled Content




Carbon Footprint


Kg CO2e per unit

Product Variants

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